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Review for is an online editing and proofreading service. It

offers a high quality editing service rendered by professional academic

writers. Customers have a variety of times, packages, and services they can

choose from. They promise great things, and so it’s justified that we

should expect the best. didn’t lie and it didn’t over

exaggerate. It delivered exactly what it promised.

Company Profile is a reasonably new company. This in no way detracts

from the service they offer. After such a short time in the industry, they

have risen to become one of the best. The positive reviews for the company,

including those on their website, highlight the level of service they

offer. Primarily, they focus on making sure work passes any plagiarism

detector, whilst improving the overall writing standard. Using real editors

with a strong track record, they have fast deliveries as low as 12 hours.

And to set customers on their way, they offer a discount on the price for

all first-time buyers.

Services Offered

They offer a variety of services to customers. As stated on their website,

their customers include teachers, students, journalists, and authors. Here

are the main services available from


• Editing for students. This category includes essays, theses,

dissertation, and research paper editing.


• Editing for teachers. Teachers have access to cover letter editing and

college application editing.


• Editing for non-native speakers in all major areas of writing.


• Editing for businesses. These services involve editing for brochures,

company reports, books, and other miscellaneous pieces of company



After testing their editing and proofreading services to see if they were

really offering the high standard of work they claimed, we have three

positive aspects to report on.


It was obvious they had proofread every sentence. Any mistakes had been

eliminated, and this included any misplaced commas to full spelling

mistakes. If anything, they had read every sentence multiple times.

Any plagiarized parts, which we had purposely added, had been eliminated.

Rather than simply removing them, as some services do, they rewrote them

and kept them in. This would allow the essay to pass any plagiarism tests a

teacher or examiner could put it through.


The overall standard of writing had improved. The essay came back to us in

a professional tone and at a sufficient academic standard. The wording

wasn’t pretentious or superfluous. It got to the point and clearly

illustrated each individual point.

Delivery and Service

At $12.95/page for the 12-hour turnaround service, we expected great

things. We weren’t disappointed. We got our piece of work back to us on-

time and without any need for further editing requests.

The level of service was exemplary. offers a live chat

service you can use to get in touch with a representative instantly. They

replied to our queries quickly and gave us the answers we wanted.

Conclusion is one of the leading writing and editing services in

the industry. It offers a simple, no-nonsense approach to editing and

proofreading. They can offer quick turnarounds without compromising on the

work’s quality. It’s why we would recommend this service to anyone who

needs a professional to take a look at their writing.

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