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Smartpaperhelps.Com is a popular writing service whose offerings include essays,

course work writing, research papers, term papers, book reports, case

studies, letters of intent, thesis and dissertations. Apart from the named

core functions, Smartpaperhelps.Com also offers writing services like

editing, proofreading, cove letters, admission essays, CV writing,

annotated biographies, multiple choice assignments, research proposals and

PowerPoint presentations.


Their service is good for students/professionals who don’t have enough time

to handle this kind of work. Smartpaperhelps.Com also provides model custom

papers for those who don’t feel confident with their writing abilities in a

well-protected, personal manner away.



In terms of the prices, Smartpaperhelps.Com has different prices for

different commodities of writing packages. The general guidelines for their

writing prices are the timelines required for the paper and the general

paper type. However, their rates remain competitive like many of their

competition. In general, the services high school level papers cost between

$16 and $26 per page, college level between 18-29 dollars per page,

University level papers between 20 dollars and 32 dollars and graduate

level between 26 dollars and 42 dollars per page.


You should also note that papers done fast are quoted higher compared to

those, which run a full period to complete. It’s better for you to order

your papers on time, to ensure you avoid going for the more expensive

packages. For the other services like editing and proofreading, these are

done by quote depending on one’s needs.


Smartpaperhelps.Com has a different kind of discounts awards system compared

to other writing services on the web. Instead of offering discounts for

bulk orders, the Smartpaperhelps.Com only gives a rebate of 15% on the total

cost for the first order and nothing afterwards. Because of this, analysts

conclude that Smartpaperhelps.Com does not offer discounts for continued

service orders. Hence, if you’re looking for a service that will

continually give discounts to you for ordering, then this is the wrong

service to use. You are better of going for a different service. However,

for a single, order one paper from them if you can’t find a higher discount

elsewhere, which is highly unlikely.

What’s special?

Smartpaperhelps.Com is a good alternative to consider when looking for

custom writing services. Their unique points compared to other services is

the uninterrupted support, although they are offline on the website chat

for most times, guarantees on deadlines, free title and reference pages, 

and unlimited revisions. Moreover, their operation is 100% confidential,

which makes them safe to use, especially if you’re a student.



Quality and usability

They may have some very talented people on staff, as some of their academic

work is very good. It is easy to believe they have some very skilled

writers on staff at their company. Their website is quite informative and

is not very difficult to use, nor is their customer service once you have

purchased a piece and are returning to the website.


The FAQ is okay but not great. The same may be said for their online

customer support functions that allow for you to IM some of the staff. They

have an online question submissions function, but the weird page navigation

makes it awkward to get to. The same is true of their online customer

account support and their client area.


The content they deliver for your assignment is all the original work of

one professional writer, so you need not worry about plagiarism. As per

your request it will be delivered before the deadline. They very rarely

exceed the deadline quote. The project will be delivered online so that you

may access it quickly and respond quickly with any amendments you wish to



The prices are okay with regards to what a student is going to receive, and

it is very easy to find out how much a single essay will cost. The way the

pricing plan is laid out on the website is awkward, as you have to hover

over the rates section to see the prices. But, they are fairly easy to

interpret and they become cheaper if you give a longer deadline.


This company offers written services, but their website lets them down a

little. The design is messy and it is quite difficult to navigate compared

to other writing service websites. Their written content is quite good, as

is their customer service.

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